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Real Estate Investing

One of the most popular ways to invest money is to invest in real estate. Although real estate investing has its ups and down, it has long been the best way to invest money for many people. About a decade ago the real estate market went through a boom and many people started investing in real estate. The house values kept going up and real estate investment return proved to be very lucrative. Given the popularity of Real Estate as the all-time classic investment vehicle in America since the 1890's, with more of the world's population investing in it than any other type of investment, our Investing Tax Free & Municipal bonds investing website could not be complete without a strong coverage of this investment type.

However, soon enough, the real estate market turned sour leaving many real estate investors penniless. Some were in foreclosure and many others filed bankruptcy. Real estate investing is not as attractive as it used to be. However, in some states where the real estate market is still holding strong, more people are into real estate investing. Before you invest in real estate, read the Real Estate Investing Advice. There are many ways to invest in real estate depending on what you like, see different types of real estate investing and pros and cons of real estate investments.

If you have read much of the rest of this website, you have no doubt figured out already that we have a strong background in Stock Market investing. While this is true, we have also dabbled in our fair share in real estate investing, both personal and commercial. Additionally, we have friends and colleagues who do real estate investing for a living.

Please consider though, there are many claims out there from different 'Get-rich-quick' schemes that yes, you too, can buy homes with other people's money or with no money at all. We will not stoop to answering questions on that subject as they are almost always just lucky individuals who were in the right place at the right time and pulled it off once, luckily. You will see more and more people pushing about investing in foreclosed homes as foreclosure rate goes up. You may also hear about the real estate notes business, see Real Estate Note Buying strategies to learn more about investing in real estate notes.

However since then, because they can't repeat the process themselves, (and you know they can't or they'd be busy doing that instead) they are trying to sell a book or some tapes to you, and that's how the rumor spreads. Sure, anyone can get lucky once, but not everyone. I will therefore show you the popular methods of real estate investing that don't depend so much on luck but more on skills.